Ms foods are one of UK’s most recognised halal fast food distributors. Located in the south of England in Luton. We specialise in frozen , fresh , chilled foods and packaging , Offering customers excellent quality goods at affordable prices. With over 25 + years of experience and excellence , it has allowed us to build a loyal customer base and the majority of our clients have worked with us over the decades .

We offer customers an unbeatable collection and delivery service. Goods are delivered in refrigerated vehicles ensuring stock is delivered to your door in perfect conditions. Our warehouses are open 7 days a week , collection timing is from 9am to 5pm , While our telesales staff are available from 11am – 8pm for delivery orders. Our sales representatives offer a unique personalised experience where members of staff are allocated to specific regions offering a balanced personal and professional experience.

We also offer other wholesalers the opportunity to work alongside us with our range of own branded products including pizza & chicken boxes , cheese, fresh chicken products , Peri peri and southern friend chicken ingredients.